Mitsubishi L200

A stylish show of strength.

Feel the power. Feel the handling.
Feel a new level of comfort in an entirely new class of vehicle. The all new Mitsubishi L200, it’s all truck and all car and it changes the way you think about getting from one place to another.

Robust Handling

The L200 is built for maximum stability and traction. Its rugged frame contributes to solid handling and its body is aerodynamically contoured for stable highway performance. Reliable 4WD traction combines with an advanced suspension to keep you in touch with surface conditions so you stay in firm control.

Vehicle Specifications

Class Seating Capacity Engine Capacity Fuel System Manual/
4WD Double Cab GLS 5 Persons 2.4 Litre Intercooler Turbocharged Diesel Electronic Common Rail Direct Injection Automatic with Sports Mode

More Information

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L200 Image Gallery